Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Why is Sociology Different?

You did a really good lesson in thinking about how sociologists may see behaviour differently from psychologists, biologists and journalists.

You have the following question as homework - due in on Monday 7/10

Explain the difference between a sociologist’s and a psychologist’s approach to human behaviour (4)
This question carries 4 marks and you should aim to answer it in 3-4 minutes - anything less than 2 and half minutes and you have not written enough detail!

Use the mark scheme below to help you put together the perfect answer.

Mark Scheme:

        1 mark for a basic reference to EITHER sociology or psychology viewpoint
        2-3 marks for a partial description of both but lacking relevant examples or examples insufficiently explained
        4 marks: a clear description of both viewpoints with appropriate examples

Good Luck!

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